"I trained with Angela for over a year, and she took me from couch potato to an active fitness lover! She made our work outs fun and focussed while always maintaining a positive motivating attitude. She taught me the basics and gradually increased and pushed me to a level I never thought I could achieve. When Angela relocated to Montreal I missed her a great deal, but she left me with a great foundation to continue staying fit."

Andrea Crawford
The Edge Radio

“Having spent years away from the gym, I was nervous to get back at it.  Angela made it easy and fun. I could feel myself getting stronger by the week and it was a nice added benefit that my jeans felt loose!  Thanks, Angela!”

Hana Zalzal
CEO Cargo Cosmetics

"I always wanted to get back to a healthier size. I never could find a friend to accompany me to the gym.

To have Angela as a trainer is awesome. She gives you the encouragement you need to get through the exercises. Its like training with a friend.  She narrows down your strengths and weaknesses.  She also possesses the knowledge to lead you to your goal.  Since I started training with her I went down 4 pants sizes. I have gain more confidence and more awareness with my eating habits.  She's energetic and fun; not making your session feel like labour."
Katia Dominique

"I have known Angela as a personal trainer for more than  4 years and the success I have had in working with her is collectively due to her various of training methods, personalised exercise programs and challenging (yet achievable) goal-setting. Her extensive knowledge and genuine enthusiasm towards her work provides the perfect foundation for success. She is truly an inspiration for me to strive towards a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle."

Chantal Burgy
Salaes Representative

​"Training with Angela has been great. Over the past 4 months I've lost 15 pounds and started running and actually enjoying it. She's always a great motivator! Pushing me when she knows I'm capable and giving me the breaks I need to continue on and enjoy my training.  Thanks Angela!"

Melanie Adelson
Accountant/Law Student

​"Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources  of strength never taxed at all because we never pushed through the obstruction."  

William James


“I always find any and every excuse to avoid working out. Training with Angela has put a new twist in my work out habits. She is a great motivator and always makes it fun! “
Nelly Huynh
Professor Universite de Montreal

"Running with Ange was great! It was not just fitness, but a life exercise of motivation and perseverance that strengthens your body and mind. I had never ran before, but she pushed me to run the 10km in Montreal. We did it together!"
Maria Clotilde Carra
Dentist, Researcher